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Pain comes in many forms, and levels throughout our lifetime – we do not choose how or when we go through hard times. However, how we react to the painful things in life, positive or negative is our choice.

Pain at any level, can be transformed to make us stronger, healthier and, happier then we could ever imagine. Silence, avoidance and denial seem to be the normal response for those associated with an abused child. These types of responses feed the suffering of all involved.

This website is about connecting with those who are living in “Silent Pain” and defining life changing steps that can positively affect all associated with the abuse, including the perpetrator.

This is a place for the abused to connect and communicate, and for those fortunate enough not to have been abused, to listen and learn. The more we learn together as we break our silence, the greater opportunity to prevent child abuse, to heal the abused.

Only when we all embrace the pain associated with child abuse, can we ever hope to overcome it. This website is dedicated to breaking the silence of child abuse. To change our culture by making it the norm, for all too freely and openly speak the truth.

We will chip away at this mountain of silence, one soul and one voice at a time.


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