What is the Uncle Harry Bill?

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Once someone has been convicted multiple times for child abuse what should be their consequence they must face when they are released back into society? Allow them back into society and give us all the best possibility to keep our children safe.

First time offenders must register themselves as a sex offender. They carry that for the rest of their lives. This is to help to keep society safe from someone who has proven they will harm a child.

The problem is that as time goes by they slowly work themselves back into daily life to gain the trust of those that have no clue of their past. Most of us would never think to check up on someone we know. It would only work if they used a correct identity.

Uncle Harry (Harry Cecil Ingling) has done this over and over in his lifetime. At the time of his last conviction he was the preacher of his own church for years with no one knowing of his past. He set children up over and over with some of his victims describing him as a Grandfather figure.

Once someone has perpetrated on multiple children they are classified as a perdator. They should be held to a different standard when released from prison. It needs to be a serious consequence that would deter those that would seek to hurt another child, while being effective in keeping our children safe should they cross that line again.

We will be working together to get a bill passed that will be known as the “Uncle Harry Bill”.

We need to make it mandatory for convicted child Predators to comply with and be registered in the “NCZ” program. (NO CHILD ZONE).

The NZC Program will be enacted to effectively insure child predators that have been released from incarceration will never have access to children. This will be a lifelong program that they must follow or be placed back in prison.

What is the “NCZ” program / Uncle Harry Bill?

The following are the objectives of the Uncle Harry Bill:

  1. You will be registered as a child predator.
  2. You will Place a NCZ sign, with your picture on it, visibly in the front of your residence.
  3. You will have NCZ on your Drivers license/ID.
  4. You will never be allowed unsupervised access with any child under 18 years of age, at any time.

Any violation of the above will automatically send you back to prison for a minimum of 5 years. This would be mandatory and would not be appealable.

Things to do, questions to ask before submitting this Bill:

We will be reaching out to those that have a clear understanding on how to submit a bill from the beginning to the end. This is the start of this effort.

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