"Ending Silent Pain"

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This section of the Website is to give those living with “Silent Pain”, a place where they can tell their story, share their experiences, and provide a safe environment to "Speak Out" - possible for the first time.

It is also a place for the abused that are healed and living healthy lives, to share the steps they took to get there.

It starts with one voice at a time, one story, one comment, one experience at a time to stop the silence. We have all, at some level within our lifetime, been exposed to an abusive situation where it went silent and nothing was ever done.

This is a place to give the abused the courage to speak out. For all involved to have the courage to speak out. For us all to listen with open and loving hearts; to aide, support, and encourage the abused as they take the steps to living a healthy and happy life.

There are two ways for you to share:

  1. Email me at: krazy.karl@499silent.org
  2. Send your story to:
    PO Box 1924
    Lees Summit, MO


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