Simple Steps

(Dealing With Child Abuse)

How do we change how we look at and deal with child abuse? It is no different than any other form of abuse we are subjected to throughout our lifetime. This section is to show some simple steps we all can use when dealing with child abuse.

This is developed from others that have treaded these waters. This will continually evolve as we educate each other, as we break open this subject.

Total love and compassion for the abused, is what this is all about. For us all to learn as well as take action, as we bring real change on how we deal with child abuse.

Society’s Responsibility (READ MORE)

Awareness - Open Dialog /Be Aware

Environment - Create a Safe and Trusting Environment

Accountability - Be Accountable to the Abused, hold the Abuser Accountable

The Abused, Steps To Healing (READ MORE)

Be Open

Be Courageous

Be Forgiving / Let It Go


499silent is on YouTube

I Need A Little Courage